My friend Greg Walters attended the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) or more commonly known as the Detroit Auto Show last weekend and was kind enough to share the pics with me here. I asked Greg to focus on the Audis and he delivered!

Audi allroad Shooting Brake Concept

Audi allroad Shooting Brake Concept

The biggest launch at the Detroit Auto Show for Audi was the Audi allroad Shooting Brake Concept, pictured above.  According to intelligence from Fourtitude, this is likely to be a strong hint of what the next Audi TT looks like (MK3) and also a hint that there may be an Audi TT allroad option as well. It’s a cool concept that could definitely have a market here in the US, as well as abroad. Mini Cooper has done well with similar sized & styled vehicles, and based on the sales of the current allroad I could see why Audi would want to expand this lineup and brand.

Audi allroad Shooting Brake Concept

I could also see this concept done up as a work car, such as how Anchor Vans does. Make the rear windows into a panel van and it’s the perfect delivery car no matter where in the world you are – it’s small, has plenty of cargo space, and can go offroad and through snow without a hitch!

Audi Q3 Production Vehicle

DSC00698The other big reveal for Audi was the Audi Q3 production vehicle – pictured above in my favorite color, red. It looks pretty sharp and should fit in the Audi crossover/SUV lineup nicely below the Q5.

Audi Q3

New Audi A8/S8


The facelifted A8/S8 was also on display, and it looks sharp. The design changes are all pretty subtle from the current offering, but it’s great to see the flagship sedan age so gracefully. The A8/S8 was also showing off technology integration with the Android Open Auto Alliance that aims to bring the Android OS into cars in the future. While I use iOS on most of my devices, I welcome Android to Audi as a much better offering than the current Audi MMI UX/UI, and I have to say Android has been rapidly improving in their OS while Apple seems to be stagnating at best. I may be converting back to Android myself before the end of 2014 with the way things are going with my iPhone 5S…the car also offers in-car 4G wireless internet powered by Qualcomm technologies. This would be a great car for a high-tech Audi blogger such as myself :)

Audi RS7


While not a new vehicle by any means, Audi had this gorgeous RS7 on display in what I think is Estoril Blue or Sepang Blue? Regardless of the specific color, it looks great here with the Black Optics package…

Audi RS7


Other Audis on Display


The new A3 lineup was on display much like it was at the LA Auto Show, including the A3 e-tron (above) and the A3 sedan (below). The pricing for the A3 was recently announced at sub $30k in the US which is going to make this car EXTREMELY attractive to younger buyers. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one myself.DSC00694

Audi also had this gorgous Q7 on display, although not much (if anything?) is new with the Q7 it makes sense to display it in Detroit as the city was pounded with a snow storm – the Q7 is a great car for Michigan and the surrounding states thanks to Quattro.


Other Show Highlights


The new Mustang was on display and it looks great! This is going to be an awesome car given its low price point, high horsepower, and finally available indepedent rear suspension. It also dropped several hundred pounds from the previous generation, and I’m all for lighter cars. This should be a beast at the track yet still a gentleman on the streets.


Mercedes had the S-Class Coupe concept on display, which is interesting. It’s huge, but it’s a 2 door. I think older buyers will enjoy this as it offers the best of both worlds, and is a much cheaper alternative to other large 2 doors like the Rolls Royce Wraith.


In other news – the new Vette looks great in racing livery. Its great to see modded C7 Corvettes hit the road, and I can’t wait to see what shops like SGH Car Services do with the platform.


VW displayed the Beetle Dune Concept, which isn’t really all that different than a TT allroad if you think about it. The original VW Beetle has a long history of dune racing and wild conversions, so this is a great extension of that heritage, although I’m not sure how much of an interest there will be in this car in reality. I’d like to see it in a different color before I make up my mind, but this particular car is not particularly pleasing to my eyes as it sits.

DSC00717The new M3 sedan was also on display, in what I’m guessing is Laguna Seca Blue. It’s hot. Audi – take note, this is your competition…and it’s pretty damn good!

Big thanks again to Greg for the pictures.

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