Wuste 2012

I just returned from my second attendance of the Wuste Car Festival in Las Vegas, NV (see my coverage of last year here) and it was another great time! There were hundreds of modified Audi & VWs in attendance as well as a few other modded Euros sprinkled in for good measure. It was also a hot event, with temperatures reaching over 110 degrees! I attended in the Premier Parking zone with my friends at FRRG but managed to walk around quite a bit to check out most if not all of the cars there – the place was packed to the brim with modded cars.

Wuste 2012

It’s hard to pick a favorite car from the event, but I’d have to say the RWB Porsche 993 and Mike Burrough’s E9 2800cs were very high on my list – it’s cool to see cars in real life that you’ve been admiring on the internet for months/years.  Equally as cool was meeting a few Audiziners that I’ve chatted with a ton online, but never actually met in person.

The RWB 993 Porsche:

RWB Porsche 993

Mike Burrough’s E9 BMW:

Mike Burroughs BMW E9

Last but not least, after Wuste I headed over to Audifest West hosted by Audizine and got to see even more cool cars and meet their respective owners. Audifest wrapped up on the top of the Hard Rock parking lot which had some awesome views (thank you Chris for taking this shot for me, really cool!)

Las Vegas at night

I don’t have a ton else to say except for that I’m excited for next year already! I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking…let’s start with this bagged B5 S4 on BBS RSs:

Bagged S4

And here’s a Jetta I was really diggin:

Jetta Wagon

The Rotiform Allroad was very unique, definitely worth a look:

Rotiform Allroad

This B8 S4 is a color called Signal Green, it’s very cool in person:

Signal Green B8 Audi S4

Ken from 034′s B4 Audi S4 on Rotiform wheels was looking and sounding mean

034 Motorsport B5 Audi S4

Nick from OEMPLUS was rocking the B7 S4 hard in matte black on iForged wheels, brembo brakes and a carbon fiber vented hood:


There were a few VW Golf Rs in attendance, but none more modified than Bluewater Performance’s:

Bluewater Performance Golf R

I only saw one TT-RS and it belonged to my friend Fran, and it was looking great as usual:


Rotiform brought their A-game, so I might as well showcase a few more of the cars they brought, too:

Rotiform Porsche

Rotiform Mercedes SL

Rotiform VW

Rotiform Harlequin

I really enjoyed this B5 S4 Avant with a camo hood and blue wheels:

Camo B5 S4 Avant

Also lurking in the garage was a yellow Diablo and a red 993, yummy!

Yellow Lamborghini Diablo

Red Porsche 993

My friend Josh, who also happens to do all of my paint and body work, having some fun next to his candy orange A3:

Orange A3

Wuste was so much fun even Pedobear joined the fun

B7 S4 Pedobear Hood

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