Audi CPO Purchase

UPDATE 2 – 12/6/2012 – Audi has reversed their original policy, and CPOs are now transferable again. A great move by Audi, and I applaud them for doing the right thing! I continue to love my Audis, and will be loyal to the brand for a long time to come, and moves like this only reinforce this loyalty. I am on my second (used) Audi and have been delighted with how well built these cars are, but the CPO program is a great idea for anyone that wants the quality of Audi, the assurance of a warranty, and the price of a used car. The picture above is the day that I purchased my second Audi, a pre-owned 2006 Audi S4 with a mere 24,000 miles on the clock. I <3 Audi!

UPDATE – 12/1/2011 - While I’m still disappointed the Audi Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) warranty is not transferable, I will say that I’m very happy with my CPO’d Audi A4. In fact, as I shop for used Audis, I’m hesitant to buy anything BUT an Audi with a CPO warranty. It’s saved me about $3,000 in costs (far more than the added cost of it) and I still have a good 6 months left on it. I do highly recommend the CPO program, and would buy another CPO Audi again in the future. This is in contrast to my post below, which was partially out of frustration of a dealership error in originally telling me it would be transferable, only to find out it wasn’t a year later…

The decision is obviously yours, and you should feel free to shop around, but personally, I think you should strongly consider the CPO warranty. Just be advised it doesn’t transfer, so if you aren’t planning on keeping the car very long, perhaps it might not be worth it to you.

Original Post – April, 2010 – Edited - This post was originally created to voice my dissastifaction that the Audi CPO (certified pre-owned) warranty was not transferrable. At the time, I was looking to sell my CPO’d Audi A4, and had been mislead by the dealership I originally purchased it from that the CPO warranty was in fact transferrable. I created this post to alert other CPO Audi owners that their CPO warranty would not transfer, and urged Audi to reconsider this policy. While I have no clue if this blog post influenced their decision or not, I am very happy to report the Audi CPO program now offers a transferable warranty policy now. This is great news, and makes an already amazing program even better. I continue to be delighted by both pre-owned Audis that I’ve purchased, and will recommend the Audi brand strongly to anyone in the market for a similar vehicle.

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