Audi Valve CapsMy new wheels needed some new valve stem caps – somewhere along the way I had lost my old set, and my tire installer used some really ugly gold valve stems that stuck out like a sore thumb against my gloss black wheels. The dealer charges a good $30 for Audi valve caps, so I went hunting for a cheaper alternative and stumbled upon these on Amazon for about $8. I ordered them and a few days later they came. While it’s a small mod, I do think the details really matter, and I like how these fit the color scheme of my car nicely, as well as show off a little Audi pride, especially since my center caps no longer have the four ring logo :)

What you see above is what get – four valve Caps with the Audi logo, as well as a “wrench” to tighten them. I’m not really sure why the wrench is included, as you can tighten them with your hands just fine, but to each their own… Just be sure not to over-tighten the valve caps when you install them, as you can strip the valve stem or break the cap if you’re not careful. Really these shouldn’t go anywhere as long as they’re moderately tight, so don’t worry about this too much.

Here are a few quick before & after shots to show how nicely they complement the wheels, and how bad the uncovered valve stems stick out.


Before – ugly gold valve stem


After – matching valve cap with Audi Logo

And again, only zoomed out:

And after:

If you’re interested in picking these up, check them out on Amazon:




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