I’ve always had a thing for Lamborghini wheels, particularly the original Gallardo wheels, being installed on Audis. The front Gallardo wheels actually work great for many Audi applications, given they are 19×8.5 with the correct 5×112 bolt pattern – the rear wheels are very wide and difficult to run on an Audi, but it can be done with a little fender work and tire stretch.

It’s definitely a love it or hate it look, but I don’t think it’s a “poser” wheel given Audi & Lamborghini are owned by the same parent company and share so many parts (for instance, the V10 found in the S8 and Gallardo, or the steering wheel found in the Gallardo & R8).

Finding a set of 4 front Gallardo wheels is tricky – you can usually find them on eBay for about $600 each, or you can look around Craigslist for some take-offs, but you need to be patient, and possibly willing to spend some coin. Hartmann also makes a Gallardo replica wheel called the G5 which fits great, but I guess part of me doesn’t like running replica wheels, and the Lamborghini center caps really set the wheel off, which the replicas would be missing. Still, I’ve been strongly tempted by these wheels more than a few times, as I think they look great – especially on the B6 platform which has some good angles & curvature to match the wheels IMO.

Through cruising around Audizine as well as Google and other Audi forums I’ve built up a small collection of cars running Gallardo wheels – if you see your car here and want it taken down, let me know.

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