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If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a big fan of the OEM+ look – something that looks like it could have come direct from the factory, but it didn’t.

I’ve showcased Audis on Lamborghini wheels before, but equally as stunning can be OEM Porsche wheels on our cars.

I’ve collected a sample of photos of Audis rockin’ Porsche wheels – if you have any others, let me know! The silver B5 S4 on Porsche Twists is courtesy of Andy Massar (http://www.flickr.com/photos/andymassar/) and other Audis in this post I’ve found across the internet and done my best to give credit where I could…

Here’s a clean B6 A4 with black Turbo Twists – this is his winter setup!

And here is a super unique, stanced B5 with orange Porsche wheels:

Of course, this post would be a shame if I didn’t start with the Audi RS2, which actually did come with Porsche wheels from the factory (along with a Porsche engine, too):

Audi RS2 Rear Shot

Personally, I’ll always have a soft spot for the Porsche Twists…one of the best looking wheel designs of all time, IMO. And this B5 S4 avant does these wheels a lot of justice too – see the full write-up on Eurotuner.

B5 S4 Avant on Porsche Wheels

Gloss black Porsche Twists on a B5 S4:

Audi S4 with Porsche Twists

Similar color, but silver finish on the Turbo Twists:

A pretty sick Audi A6 on Porsche wheels:

Audi A6 on Porsche Wheels

A few B7 A4s on 997 Porsche Turbo wheels:

B7 Audi A4 on 997 Porsche Turbo Wheels

B7 Audi A4 on 997 Porsche Turbo Wheels

And here is a Nogaro Blue B5 Audi S4 on some Porsche “Lobster Claw” wheels:

Some avant love:

Audi S4 Avant on Porsche WheelsThese aren’t OEM Porsche wheels, but aftermarket RUF wheels made for Porsches. They look great!

Audi on RUF wheels

Audi A4 avant on Porsche Wheels

And last but not least, a few TTs rocking Porsche wheels:

Audi TT on Porsche Wheels

A TT from one of my Facebook fans sporting some RH Porsche AG-Cup wheels:

Photo Credits: canibeat.com, Flickr.com, Audizine.com, Eurotuner.com, VWVortex.com, Andy Massar

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