Audi A4 with S6 LEDs

Well, the time has come to move on from my beloved Audi A4. She was a great car and I’m really going to miss it – I learned a ton about modding, and really dialed in the car to where I wanted it. I had a ton of fun in the car too, from track days to shows to daily driving to and from work every day. My A4 was my first Audi, and it was such a great car I fell in love with the brand – my next car (and many more after that) are going to be Audis for sure.

Audi A4 Racing

As some of you may know, I was in a small accident that destroyed my front bumper and hood. When this happened, I had the car repaired and turned back to factory appearance. I then started to sell off parts, and in less than a month I went from a nicely modded A4 to one that’s virtually indistinguishable from a stock A4. Through a bit of luck, as well as fortune in buying nice parts that people would want, my part-out went very quickly and painlessly, I even managed to sell my air filter. I still have my S4 seats for sale, but otherwise I’m rolling stock!

Audi A4 at Sunset

Here are some fun facts about my car during the three years I owned it:

  • It attended 7 track days and three car shows
  • I had four sets of wheels on it – OEM S-Line wheels, Sporttechnic Mono 10 Premiums, BBS CH Silver, BBS CH Black Edition
  • My first mod was coilovers
  • My most complicated mod was S6 LEDs as well as the B7 Pressure Plate Retrofit for my Recaros
  • My most regretted mod was a carbon fiber hood – however it only lasted ~3 weeks before my accident
  • My favorite mods were always my seats and carbon fiber trim
  • My car had its own website, Facebook page, and Twitter profile
  • I made a crap-load of friends through Audi gatherings
  • I had five sets of door blades – S-Line, S4, Flat, S4, and then Flat again (to trade-in)
  • I had the first set of oCarbon carbon fiber trim in the 5HS pattern

Audi A4 Interior

Thanks to all those who helped me out along the way, from tuning in to my blog to giving pointers on mods. A big shout-out to Audizine as well for all of the great resources and a continuous stream of ideas.

Audi A4 BBS CH

…and now the big question: what’s next?

I’m not revealing quite yet, but it will have 8 cylinders, a 6 speed manual transmission, and of course – quattro.

Audi A4 on BBS CH Silver Wheels

Goodbye A4, you’ll be missed!

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