B7 S4 Interior with Flat Bottom Wheel

Note: This applies to any B6 or B7 Audi cars including the A4, S4, RS4 in both sedan, avant and cabriolet forms. Coding changes should be the same for European cars although your starting codes/numbers may differ slightly.

Upon purchasing my 2006 S4, one of the first things I noticed was all of the annoying chimes! I had eliminated them through VAG-COM on my A4, but moving to a new car meant all of my VAG-COM mods were gone. This annoyance didn’t last long, as I plugged my handy VAG-COM cable from Ross-Tech into my car’s OBDII port and started changing codes. If you don’t have a cable, try to find a friend with one, invest in one yourself, or see if your local Audi/VW tuner can change these settings for you. The cable is a little expensive $300 to purchase, but also comes in super handy if you ever retrofit anything (like Recaro seats, navigation, bi-xenons, or any other parts your car didn’t originally come with) or you need to diagnose any check engine lights, reset the service light, or otherwise alter your cars’ settings. If you’re looking for a cable, check out these listings:

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VAG-COM Mod #1 – Disable Seatbelt Chime & Door Chime

Vag-com disable seatbelt chime

Open VAG-COM and go to Components – 17 – Instruments

Seat Belt Chime: Change the second to last digit from whatever it currently is to a 0. The 0 will disable all seatbelt chimes. This doesn’t have any impact on the airbag system or effectiveness of your seatbelt, it simply removes the annoying “ding ding ding” noise you hear. I still highly recommend wearing your seatbelt at all times, no matter how short of a distance you’re driving, but this makes it so the chimes don’t occur if you’re just sitting in the car testing out a new mod or just letting the car warm-up first.

Door Chime: Change the fifth digit (Country) from a “2″ (if US) to a “0″ which changes it to Germany. This will also change your trip computer and date/clock to be kilometers and military time, but those can be reverted easily. To change back your instrument cluster to miles and “American” time/date display, click the “Reset” button on the bottom of the windshield wiper stalk twice, which opens the menu. Go to Clock to update clock back to 12 hour setting instead of 24 hour, Date to change from DD/MM to MM/DD, and then go to Units to change from KM to MI in the trip computer.Voila, you now have no door chime like the Germans do, but your computer reads American as well. See below for a screenshot of the menu in the instrument cluster:

Instrument Cluster Menu

VAG-COM Mod #2 – Remote Windows Up/Down, Unlock All Doors (1 Touch)

Vag-com remote windows

Go to Components – 46 – Central Convenience and select “Coding.” Add 64 to whatever number appears – in my case, it was originally set to “11836” so I added +64 and got to “11900” as the correct number. To add one touch to unlock all doors (instead of having to press unlock twice to open other doors) you can also subtract -04 from this total, so my new total would be 11896.

After this is complete, you can now roll down your windows by pressing and holding the unlock button on your key fob. Likewise, to roll the windows up, press & hold the “lock” button on your keyfob. You can now remotely control your windows! This mod is excellent as an Arizona resident, so I can let the hot air begin to dissappate before entering the car. To get extra range on the key fob, hold the key fob to your chin as you press the button and your body acts as an antenna, increasing the distance at which it can communicate with the car.

VAG-COM Mod #3 – Lamborghini Navigation Screen


This one is kind of fun – some may love it, some may hate it, but I dig it. You can change the “welcome” screen of the navigation to show the Lamborghini emblem rather than the Audi emblem when you first start-up the car. The RNS-E unit in the B6/B7 Audi S4 is actually the same as the Lamborghini Gallardo, so with a simple change of settings in VAG-COM you can trick the navigation unit to think it’s in a Gallardo!

To change this go to  Components – 37 Navigation – Coding. You then can change the second digit to a “1″ to set the navigation to Lamborghini settings. You can set it to a 3 to change it back to Audi.

VAG-COM Mod #4 – Disable TPMS

TPMS Warning Light from an Audi S4

I was late to discover this one, but after searching for ways to disable the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), I finally found out how to do this via Vag-com. This was necessary for me as my aftermarket wheels do not have TPMS sensors so my car would always display a TPMS/flat tire warning on the dashboard, which was super annoying.

To disable TPMS – go to 17 – Instruments and then go to the Adaptation module. In the Adaptation module, switch to Channel 061 then subtract 512 from the number that is displayed.

Additional VAG-COM Mods

Ross-tech has a few other mods for the B6/B7 platform, which you can check out here: http://www.ross-tech.com/vag-com/cars/audiB6.html

If you’re looking for VAG-com mods for your B8 A4, S4, A5 or S5, check out this great list over on Audizine: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/403694-VCDS-amp-Hidden-menu-The-complete-list

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