2015 Audi TTS

With all of the attention the 2015 Audi A3/S3 is getting, the new TT design has been somewhat overshadowed – but fear not these photos courtesy of Car & Driver show exactly what to expect when the refreshed Audi TT hits the states! There is no confirmed date on when we’ll see the new body style, with Audi announcing that the 2015 TT will be a carryover of the current body style – my guess is we’ll get this car either as a 2015.5 or a 2016 model, but it’s tough to say and that’s pure speculation on my part…


The new body style is fairly evolutionary of the current TT; it’s more angular and aggressive up front, but the C-pillar and rear end are classic TT. The LED headlights freshen up the front end quite a bit, and the air scoops in the bumper remind me a bit of the current TTRS and give the car a very sporty and masculine look. The car also looks to have a host of new safety features such as adaptive cruise control based on the sensor in the front grille, as well as backup cameras, all of which should lead to insurance rates on the car as carriers like Express Insurance often offer discounts for such features.


In back the car keeps the classic “round butt” of the TT. It’s handsome, so why mess with perfection. The tail lights are now full LED and a few of the body lines were sharpened up a bit, along with an adaptive rear spoiler that goes up/down as needed, a feature that’s debuting on the 2015 models.


Audi hasn’t released any information on the engine yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what powerplants and options will come to the states. My guess is the engine will be the same as the S3 and be a turbocharged 2.0T with a bigger turbo than the standard A3/TT. It’ll likely come with the same S-tronic dual sequential gearbox (DSG) the current model has, and sadly it’s probably unlikely to come with a manual option, but fingers crossed a manual TTRS may return in the future…


The interior is mostly an evolutionary change, but features the new diamond stitching seats that you may be familiar with from the new S3, an updated flat bottom steering wheel that is super sexy and more angular than the current model, and a huge 12.3″ in-dash display unit that will show GPS front and center, as previewed at the CES auto show earlier this year.


Last but not least, it appears that Audi discontinued the use of the hyphen in the naming of the Audi TTS. This appears to have happened a while ago, but for the longest time it was the “TT-S” and not the “TTS.” Although minor, it’s a welcomed change – and I’m glad they didn’t go further and change to the “ST” ala the S4, as that sounds too much like a Ford :)

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