Audi A4 with DTH Side Skirts

Update: Sadly, these are no longer production and the company that made/sold them is no longer in business. As such, these are virtually impossible to buy, unless you happen upon a set of used/secondhand side skirts somehow.

Original Post: Here is a teaser shot of my new DTH side skirts, man do they look sick! The design of these skirts are similar to the infamous ProjektZwo sideskirts, providing a very clean, subtle and OEM+ look that goes well with the factory lines. I’m particularly excited with how they flow nicely with my OEM Seat Cupra R lip up front and my matte black OEM S4 Rear Valence in the rear – there is a nice silver/black theme going. It actually has me thinking of having the wheels powdercoated black as well…I’d love to hear comments on that one!

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