So I recently got (another) photo radar ticket. Ironically, I knew there were cameras at the intersection, so I sped through to make sure I made the light – it turns out the cameras were both red light cameras & speed cameras, so while I made the green light before it turned red, I got nabbed for speeding.

I was served a ticket so I had to pay the consequences – I chose to take my traffic school online through – I just completed the course, and I’m very happy with the outcome and wanted to write a quick blog post so others can benefit from it.

The entire process was super easy – while it did take a full 4 hours (the sections are timed so you can’t skip through it), it’s way better than driving to a classroom and sitting through 4+ hours of lecture. Instead, you can take it at your own pace, from the convenience of your home.

Registration is super simple, I faxed in a few forms and uploaded a cell phone picture of my drivers license and was approved for the course within minutes.

Best of all, the test is SUPER easy. They don’t test your knowledge of the laws or course material – they’re more so simple questions to make sure you were the actual person who took the test. They’re all multiple choice and there aren’t any trick questions – its usually VERY obvious which is the right answer.

As an example, one test question was “What is your username to login to this site?” It displays your username in the upper right corner, so if you miss this one, you’re really silly. You can see in the screenshot below your username is always displayed, even when taking the test!

A few more examples  of the questions – like I said, there really aren’t any trick questions, and anyone who paid even moderate attention to the readings should be able to easily answer the questions.


Another one:

Obviously, the course isn’t talking about Hollywood hair styles – like I said, any reasonable person should be able to pass this 100%

In the end, I’d highly recommend taking your traffic school online over attending a classroom – it’s quicker, easier, more convenient, and just all around better.

Here’s a pro-tip if you’re considering using them – search their Twitter account at!/dismisstickets - they have promo / coupon codes posted. I wish I had seen it before I signed up as I could have saved $5 with the code TWR7151D but I didn’t look first. While the class is only $30, might as well save $5 and make it only $25. Sadly with all of the Arizona Court Fees and such it still ended up being $200 in total cost, but that’s still cheaper than paying the $235 ticket (plus no points on the record).

Thanks from saving me from going into a classroom for 4 hours on a Saturday morning!

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