Dry Sheeting A Car

As I continue on my recent kick for learning & appreciating car detailing, I’ve found a new method for drying my car that not only takes a lot less time, but is much friendlier on the paint and minimizes the amount of drying you need to do with an actual towel. It’s called “the sheeting method” and basically you dry your car using water, which sounds very counter-intuitive, but it works!

The process is pretty very simple – it does require that you have a good coat of wax or polish down on your car, so that the water beads off. I had my car professionally waxed & polished then sealed with paint protection called Opti-Coat, which has kept my paint looking great so far, even with monsoon season here in Arizona.

Once you’ve got a good coat of polish down, you can let the polish & the water do all of the work.

Take the nozzle off of your hose so that its just free flowing water, and then you essentially flood the car with water, one panel at a time. Start with your roof then work slowly over the entire car to flood each panel and watch the water beads disappear, leaving a nice, spot-free finish. When you’re finished, use your micro fiber towel of choice (like this one) to dry off any remaining water, and voila! You now have a spot free car with minimal towel drying needed.

A huge bonus for this is that since you let the water do the work, you miminize the use of your towel and also minimize the chance you’ll scratch or mar your paint, keeping your car’s paint beautiful for years to come.

Check out this video to show how it works – it’s really quite simple, and as you can see, really quite effective, too.

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