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If you’re an Audi owner who is as passionate about these fantastic cars as we are then you probably spend quite a lot of time cleaning it inside and out to make sure it looks perfect. Vacuuming the interior, waxing the paint job and polishing the alloy wheels – it can be very hard work maintaining a great looking vehicle.

However if you spend all that time on the outside you don’t want to forget about what’s under the hood. Cryogenesis can offer a different approach to cleaning your engine bay, using dry ice blasting to produce impeccable results using techniques that are non intrusive and non abrasive, saving you hours on stretching to scrub away at those hard to reach areas – but why would you want to clean your engine bay anyway?

Catch potential problems early on

If your engine bay is covered in grease, oil and grime then it will make it much harder to spot potential issues until they become a more serious problem. For example, it will be much easier to spot loose plugs or hoses, as well as rust and corrosion, if your engine bay is cleaned frequently.

Avoid problems being caused by grime build-up

Your Audi’s car engine is comprised of hundreds of components, some of which are sensitive, delicate and easily negatively impacted. Grease and grime build-up can affect these parts of your engine, not only preventing you from identifying issues as already mentioned, but also leading to a poorer performance. By cleaning the engine bay you can ensure you are getting the most out of your Audi.

Improve resale value

If you’re looking to sell your car then it may affect your chances of getting the best possible deal if your engine bay is dirty. A savvy prospective buyer will examine underneath the hood, and a spotless engine bay not only maximises performance but it also shows that it is a vehicle that has been taken care of – evidence that the buyer shouldn’t experience any problems after driving the car away. Conversely, a filthy engine may put off a buyer altogether.

In summary

If you’re looking for the prefect engine bay clean then you should consider investing in the services of a firm like Cryogenesis and discover the benefits of dry ice blasting. Not only will it leave your engine looking spotless but it will also make it much easier to maintain and keep clean in the future.

What are your top tips for keeping your Audi’s engine looking as good as new? Let us know in the comments below.

John Rooney blogs about issues affecting the motoring industry in the UK and around the world. Check out Cryogenesis to find out more about their dry ice blasting service.

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