This is the second post in the series of my interior makeover – stay tuned for some more changes and be sure to follow me on Twitter for some teasers!


Given how my exterior lighting has went from halogen to LED, I thought it was time my interior kept up. This was a super easy mod that only cost about $100 and took but 1-2 hours total at a leisurely pace.

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Time Estimate: 1-2 hours max
  • Tools Needed: Flat head screw driver, common sense

I replaced all of the lights except the vanity mirrors as I didn’t think they were worth it, nor did I want to look like a smurf ;) For each bulb, I bought the Cool White color, which gives off a slight blue tint to it. These pictures were taken with a simple Casio point-n-click camera on high exposure with no tri-pod, so the color isn’t perfect, but close enough anyway. I’d say in real life they’re a little less blue.

Rather than re-write a perfectly good DIY, I’ll suggest for the step by step instructions on which bulbs to replace and how, check out this thread on Audizine. You’ll note it is for a B6 (2001.5-2005.5) but the lighting is exactly the same for a b7 (2005.5-2008). I didn’t remove the fuses prior to starting, although if you wanted to be extra cautious you could, otherwise I followed those instructions to the T. I also purchased my bulbs through and was very pleased with the experience, so I’d recommend you check them out.

What you’ll need is (note: all bulbs should be 12 volt):

  • 11x 194 LED Wedge bulbs (4 Footwell, 4 puddle lights, 1 glove box, 2 trunk): link (just get 3 packages of 4 and you’ll have one extra just in case)
  • 4x BA9 LED Bayonet bulbs (front and rear reading lights): link
  • 2x 42mm Festoon bulbs (front dome lights): link
  • 2x 36mm Festoon bulbs (vanity mirrors, which I chose not to do): link

Really, there isn’t much to this. Pull the old bulb out, put the new one in.

And here are more pictures of the final result!

The footwell lights shining against my RS4 Pedal Set:

LED Interior Footwell Lights

The dome lights – they’re REALLY bright, in a good way:

Audi A4 LED Dome Lights

I love how these LEDs illuminate my new Platinum Silver Recaro Seats! The next post in the interior makeover series will include more info on the seat swap process, so stay tuned for that.

LED Interior Lights & S4 Recaro Seats

And a final shot, just because I love how it came out so much:

Audi A4 Interior LED Lighting

Hope this helps!

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