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RS4 Pedals & RS6 Dead PedalI recently installed a set of Audi RS4 & RS6 pedals and Dead Pedal to replace my stock pedal set on my automatic transmission Audi A4. The Dead Pedal & Gas (Throttle) Pedal are from the RS4 and the brake pedal is from the RS6, but they match nearly identically and you can’t get the RS4 in automatic so this is your only OEM choice for Automatic drivers. The standard A4 pedals are made of black plastic (or rubber?) that doesn’t necessarily look bad, but the upgraded pedal set on the RS4 and RS6 are finished in brushed aluminum that look really sharp and provide a nice contrast and add a nice detailed touch to the interior. While the RS4 pedals do have more pronounced grip areas, this is mostly a cosmetic upgrade to give your interior that OEM plus look.

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Installing the OEM pedals was pretty easy – while many aftermarket pedal sets require drilling and using screws, the OEM RS4 pedals slip right over the gas and brake pedals without the need for any tools or alterations.

The RS4 Dead Pedal is also a direct install, simply remove one screw to remove the existing black plastic A4 dead pedal, which then slides right off. The RS4 Dead pedal will then slide on (see pic below) along the edge of the black plastic, with the top tab being tucked behind the bottom of your dash assembly, and the bottom clipping into a mounting spot along the bottom edge. You can then replace the one Phillips screw, and the RS4 dead pedal is now firmly mounted at four points – the screw, the top tab, the bottom clip, and the vertical edge nearest the door.

RS6 Dead Pedal Install

The RS4 Dead Pedal slides in along the black plastic and clips in for a snug & direct fit in my Audi A4.

The RS4 gas pedal can be installed by aligning the medal edge nearest the center of the car first, then stretch the plastic along the left edge and corners to cover the rest of the pedal secondly – the medal edge will not flex or move but obviously the plastic is more pliable, so this is probably the easiest way to do it, although you may want to play around with it trying other edges first if you don’t have success – this was the only pedal that took me a few attempts to get secured properly. You can tell when it is attached correctly because the pedal cover will not move or wiggle whatsoever. For the RS6 brake pedal, you will remove the existing black plastic cover first, then the RS6 pedal cover will go over the brake pedal pretty easily. Be sure to double check your gas and brake pedals for a sturdy fitment – you don’t want them wobbling or moving when you need to accelerate or brake heavily.

And that’s it! A simple 20 minute DIY that requires only a Phillips screwdriver, and I think the end result is a very nice detail that will set your interior apart from other A4 an S4 cars.

RS4 Pedals & RS6 Dead Pedal

I was a bit worried this would be a mod you’d never be able to see – but here is a shot at eye level and you can see the pedals are visible and provide a nice little visual touch:

RS4 Pedals & RS6 Dead Pedal

PS – Can you spot my next interior mod? Look closely at the steering wheel and you’ll see some Big Paddle Shifters – more to come on that, but they’re awesome!! You might also notice my trim is missing, as the carbon fiber masters over at oCarbon are crafting a special set of carbon fiber trim for me :)

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