John & Matt B7 S4My good friends John & Matt had an impromptu photoshoot last weekend, and they were kind enough to share the pics with us. They’re both pretty modest guys, so you probably haven’t seen many pictures of their cars before – but you should. Both cars are modded to the T with exquisitely chosen parts to bring out the best of the B7 S4 platform. Both have hit the nail on the head when it comes to mixing “show” and “go”, and both of these guys track their cars on a regular basis (and both on a seperate set of wheels & competition duty tires), and they both enjoy a good show or leisurely drive as well.

John & Matt B7 S4

While the cars have much in common – matching 4.2L V8s and carbon fiber Vorsteiner hoods, to start – both Matt & John have taken their cars in different directions, and executed them brilliantly.

John is a self-admitted “wheel whore,” and while I’ve seen many sets of wheels he’s owned, from SSRs to Sportec to Enkei and many more, his latest and greatest are custom built CCW Classics in 18″ that push the limits of stance. The polished wheels are perfectly complimented by an otherwise understanded Ibis White exterior, which makes for a breathtaking combo. He’s on a static drop riding on KW V3 coilovers, and has a few other subtle exterior mods you might notice such as a Cupra R lip, light smoke Lamin-X headlights, and painted black grille & rear valence.

John & Matt B7 S4Matt on the otherhand takes pride in his “sleeper” status. While nothing by itself draws your attention that this car might be heavily modified under the hood (it is, with a custom LSD to boot), any Audi enthusiast can tell that his car isn’t stock, either. Matt has taken the approach that form follows function, and everything from the vented hood to the heavy camber he runs demonstrates this – so do his massive brakes and super lightweight Champion Motorsports/STaSIS wheels. I wish I had sound clips of either Matt or John’s cars, as they’re both running aftermarket downpipe & exhausts that make the V8 sing gloriously.

John & Matt B7 S4The difference between these cars illustrates why enthusiasts like Matt & John (and myself) enjoy modding our cars so much – you can start with the same car, and the same platform, and find multiple ways to achieve your idea of perfection. There is no one “right” way to mod a car, and as Matt & John illustrate – baby it don’t matter if you’re black or white!

John & Matt B7 S4Thanks guys again for sharing your pics. I had some fun editing the rest of em, I hope you enjoy!

John & Matt B7 S4John & Matt B7 S4John & Matt B7 S4

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