I recently found a set of used and very rare Volk LE37s on the Audizine Classifieds and refurbished them – the wheels are very similar to the more common TE37s, but unlike the TE37s these come in a 5×112 bolt pattern. The other main differences between the TE37s and LE37s are the center caps, decals, and finish – but they’re more or less the same wheels otherwise.


The wheels have been discontinued so there isn’t a lot of information about them out there, but what I do know about the wheels is this – they’re 19×8.5 with an offset of ET35, they are a one-piece forged wheel, and they’re extremely light. Unfortunately the previous owner did not appreciate the wheels as much as I’d hope (or was just a terrible driver/parker) so it took quite a bit of handiwork to get these back to presentable shape – but after ~20 hours refinishing the lips coupled with new center caps and vinyl, I’m quite happy with the results. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to DIY repair curb rash!


For now, I have some cheapo tires on the wheels that will be replaced soon with something proper – but I’ll need to sell my BBS CHs first. I’ve had my BBS wheels for almost four years now (back to when I had an A4) and they’ve been a great wheel, but after having the Volks for a while I love the new look and the performance advantage of a wheel that is significantly lighter cannot be ignored. Last but not least I like something rare and a little different, and the LE37s satisfy both of those requirements.


What do you say – do you dig the Japanese wheels on a German car, or is this “rice”? Let me know in the comments, Facebook or Twitter, and check out the full photoshoot embedded below from my Flickr.


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