B7 Audi S4

I recently had a motor mount go bad, so I took the opportunity to do a complete overhaul of my drivetrain mounts and bushings. To accomplish this, I ordered an Apikol snub mount as well as the 034 Motorsport Street Density Motor Mounts and Transmission Mount. All in, it was about $300 of parts and about 8 hours of labor to install. I’m blown away at the difference, as shifting (and driving in general!) is so much smoother now. Based on my research, I noticed many Audizine users were raving about how much an aftermarket snub mount helps smooth out shifts, but in my case I think replacing the busted motor mount (which caused a lot of play when shifting) also contributed a lot to this. Regardless, the difference is truly night and day, and these upgrades have been some of the most worthwhile mods I’ve completed to date in terms of improving the driveability of the car…

Apikol Snub Mount

Apikol Snub MountI bought this mount several months ago, thinking I could just install it myself…the DIY was a bit more involved than I realized and requires taking the radiator into service mode, and I never got around to trying it. So while I had my car in to have the motor mounts replaced, I went ahead and had this put in as well. For a $35 piece of rubber, it is a much better product than the OEM snub mount, as the picture above demonstrates. This improved snub mount helps smooth out the shifts a bit and also keeps everything firmer. There is an optional “zero gap” bracket that 034 Motorsport makes but I didn’t get it as I felt the OEM bracket was sufficient for my needs and I didn’t want to risk any additional vibrations the revised bracket may cause. Overall, I’m very happy with this! Expect ~2 hours for install between removing the front bumper, putting the radiator in service mode, install and then reassembly.

034 Motor & Trans Mounts – Street Density

034 Motorsport Density Motor Mounts

Pictured above you can see the 034 Motorsport motor mount to the left and the OEM motor mount to the right for comparison purposes. I chose the 034 motor mounts as they were about the same price as an OEM ones but were a 10% stiffer material and estimated to improve overall drivetrain stiffness by up to 25% over factory. Stern also makes a revised motor mount for this engine/car, but they were backordered by several months so I went with 034 which had these in stock and ready to ship. 034 offers two options – street density or race density – for the motor mounts. Both add some additional vibration over the OEM mounts since they are stiffer, but street density is only 10% stiffer than OEM, making the resulting increase in vibration is barely noticeable at best.

The car definitely feels very solid after installing these, and I really don’t notice any vibrations or harshness compared to before. While my perspective may be slightly biased since one motor mount was completely blown before, the car is so much smoother, tighter and firmer when shifting. I really like how these feel, and don’t feel there were any negative consequences to upgrading.

In Summary

My initial research indicated that some folks may not like the added vibrations of the stiffer motor mounts and transmission mount, but in real life usage I found these vibration increases to be so minimal I can’t even feel them; however, the improvement in drivetrain feel is extremely noticeable, making this mod well worth it in my book. The snub mount is another “must do” for this car, and super cheap to buy – the only downside is that the install is a little more elaborate as it requires putting the radiator in service mode. Either way, I’d highly recommend all three of these parts for any B6/B7 Audi S4 owner looking to tighten up their car for performance or daily driving purposes.

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