Clear Sidemarkers B7 Audi A4 S4

I recently picked up a set of clear sidemarkers from ECS Tuning – they’re on sale for $2.95 which is a deal too good to pass up.

Originally I had taken my sidemarkers off and painted them Light Silver Metallic to match the rest of my car. I liked the look, but unfortunately the paint matching wasn’t perfect – it was pretty close, but painting a plastic reflector to look like the rest of the car was pretty difficult. In some lighting it looked okay, and in other lighting it looked terrible – personally, I’m a perfectionist, and this bothered me more and more over time. When I saw a sale for $3 sidemarkers, I instantly seized the opportunity and purchased a set.

What I like about the clear sidemarkers is that they’re still reflective – I always worried that the paint matched ones, which aren’t reflective, could come back to bite me in the ass if I were ever in an accident and my car insurance decided that this modification made my car less safe and part of the reason why I was in an accident. The clear sidemarkers still acheive the same effect – better visibility to cars at night – yet still has the “euro” look during the day and isn’t an obnoxious and ugly amber color that the US version of our cars comes with.

Installation was a breeze – follow this helpful guide by my friend Martin on Audizine. It takes merely 15 minutes of time to snap out the old ones and pop in your new reflectors, and they completely transform the look of the car, making it look much cleaner and well presented.

Anyone in the market – be sure to take advantage of this sale while it’s still going on. As someone that has made several orders through ECS Tuning, I can tell you this company has great service and an unbeatable selection of parts for your Audi…be sure to check them out!

Clear Sidemarkers for B7 Audi A4 S4

And one more pic, just because I think it came out cool:

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